On the very edge of Europe lies a small island downwind of a mighty ocean. Every element of everything that exists on this island does so because of the sea that surrounds it.

When those who were brave enough to cross it first landed on our shores, they immediately turned back to the sea to sustain them during their first days.

As visitors slowly turned to inhabitants, the bond between them and the sea grew even stronger. For more than 6,000 years the sea has provided for generation after generation, without asking for anything in return. Until now.

Every island native knows that when you are surrounded by the sea, you can’t help but be shaped by it yet you can help how you shape it.

As a proud product of Ireland, GROWN are deeply involved in changing ocean awareness in order to make people aware of the role the ocean plays in all our lives and the role our lives are playing in destroying it.

Everything we make, every action we take and every system we have, goes through rigorous life cycle and sustainability auditing because we strongly believe that clothes shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why we are committed to make it better.